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Miss Sybil Akitt the Courtesan

The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.

Courtesan Sybil Akitt

Character name: Sybil Akitt
PB: uma Thurman
Character’s Journal: sybil_akitt
Character birth date: June 1, 1792 (23 years of age)
Gender: Female
Marital Status: single
Children: Good heavens, no!
Occupation: Courtesan

Appearance: With a lean figure, fair hair and complexion, and soft jade-tinged eyes, Sybil could easily be mistaken for the most proper of ladies if it weren't for her choice of costume. Evrything attention grabbing consumes her clothing palette; from heliotrope satin ensambles to flouncy, revealing, crimson teagowns and more! The gash of red that never fails to adorn her lips also gives away her intentions, promiscuity written all over it.

Personality: Sybil is a woman without the bother of reputation. She does whatever she pleases, delighting in stirring up scandal. As a courtesan, she has spent most of her life in the presence of higher society, and has never once allowed them to look down upon her. She is not outgoing in a brash way, tending only to use sly wit and subtle sarcasm to strike terror in her adversaries. The people that she tends to like recieve her adoration in spades, her charm oozing from her, as thick as tar. She tends to be quite learned, astounding men with her high intelligence.

Strengths/Weaknesses, Character Flaws: Miss Akitt is very much in tune with social interaction; she can smell a suitable man across a ballroom. Her charm is almost impossible to resist, though when she dislikes a person, he or she may never once see it. She is always proper and cheerful in public, and shall be even if she were dying in another's presence. She will not admit her main folly, which is love, and which sometimes can be bothersome in her career.

Personal History: Sybil was born without knowlege of her parents. Her mother, she assumed, was a common whore, for Sybil was raised in a brothel. With less scruples than the average prostitute, Sybil was lifted a notch in the hierarchy by becoming a courtesan at a young age.

Her claim to fame was her first customer at the age of fifteen, the insanely famous and popular Duc d' Messers, who wrote an entire book on the subject of his protoge. After it was published it became a national scandal, considered lewd and completely unsuitable for a person of propriety to look upon. Nevertheless, copies continued to sell at an astoundingly rapid pace. After such an incident, Miss Akitt and her ways continued to be enclosed in the mystery that the Duc d' Messers had failed to unshroud in his account, and is to this day amazingly coveted. Therefore, she usually only deals with one man at a time, and sometimes none at all, for she has a high status and has been paid well over the years. Now she has taken residence in the China Rose Hotel in Brambleton, a fairly unrumpled piece of countryside, in hopes of gaining more power and a strong posterity.

Residence: The China Rose Hotel</b>

Amongst the lines of cyprus trees that stand abreast to the townhouses of the more quiet, more refined district of Brambleton, Beautree Park, lies rusty-rose veneer and lavish wooden eaves of the China Rose Hotel. There is a slightly exotic feel to the building, which is built in the relatively gaudy style. Taste it does not lack, though, for it sports an authentic antiquity and therefore has a license for such a display. Inside the hotel there are only a few rooms available: expansive suites where the quality has no match and the service has no folly.

The Courtesan, Miss Sybil Akitt, occupies the whole top floor in her penthouse. Her quarters are gorgeous, from the painstakingly hand-painted, creme and white toile on the walls, to the fresh vases of incandescently white tulips that always grace her boudoir. Only one private maid moves in and out of the premises, and no one is allowed up into the room without expressed permission of Miss Akitt, and even then usually only certain men are allowed through the mahogany door.

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